Michelle A. Lodato, MSW, LCSW is licensed clinical social worker, a member of NASW and holds a certificate in Bowen Family Systems Therapy. She facilitates a feeling of comfort and safety in order to form a therapeutic relationship which will lead to successful treatment. Clients are met with empathy and an understanding of the person in the environment of stressors. Michelle helps a client to identify negative patterns through supportive feedback. Through therapy, she works with a client to interrupt those patterns with some little changes, including the addition of coping mechanisms. These additions build upon each client's individual strengths to create new, positive patterns.

Therapy is a collaboration between the two parties, a journey to travel together. With this theory the client can leave the solution-focused treatment feeling empowered to better handle future stressors. She has experience with populations including children, adolescents, and adults, and utilizes both individual and family counseling modalities. She is trained in a broad spectrum of concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorders, relationship stress, and ADHD. Michelle addresses these issues with complimentary therapeutic approaches to meet each client's unique needs.

204 Eagle Rock Ave.
Roseland, N.J.  07068